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South African Friends of Israel


The SAZF actively promotes our narrative to the broader South African community increasing our support base and friendship circle. South African friends of Israel (SAFI) was established to go out and evaluate the possibility of engaging with other faith, cultural and ethnic groups in the interests of building a broader grass roots support base for Israel in South Africa.

We actively engage, manage, create and convey content for all forms of media creating a platform to get key messages and themes into the media and broader society, thereby helping to shape public opinion based on facts, not just propaganda. The creativity and innovation that are such defining characteristics of the Israeli landscape are shared through the regular cultural and academic events hosted by SAZF and SAFI impacting thousands of South Africans.

We give influential decision makers a first-hand experience of what Israel is about by taking varied delegations to Israel and arranging important networking opportunities for these people to engage with our community.

Over the past four years the depth and degree of South African support for Israel beyond the Jewish community can now be quantified and measured and continues to grow.

Education & Advocacy



Educational and advocacy training

The SAZF aims to educate and empower our friends to advocate and become brand ambassadors for Israel.

In order to achieve this we make use of international speakers that advocate for Israel as well as online content.

These events have equipped over 3000 Christian and Jewish leaders, journalists, youth leaders who are trained in the art of debating and debunking the myths and propaganda about Israel.

Annual Israel Advocacy Conference

Since 2011 South African Friends of Israel (SAFI) an have been hosting an annual Israel Advocacy Conference that brings political, Christian

and various other leaders together with the intention of educating and strategizing innovative ways of gaining awareness and strengthening support for Israel across South Africa. Although our mission is rooted here in South Africa we also host delegates from Mozambique, Nigeria, Democratic Republic

of the Congo, Botswana, Kenya, Sierra Leon, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda and Zimbabwe with the intention of creating advocates that will effectively carry our message across the continent into their own communities.


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