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The SAZF will continue to bring out renowned experts on Israel, speaking on various topics from politics to technology. Watch our Events calendar for updates.


This film based curriculum introduces the fundamental issues concerning the State of Israel, exploring its unique challenges, accomplishments, and values.

The course will inspire people to form a relationship with Israel, her people and her heritage.
For more information, please contact training@sazf.org 


This new publication aims to educate and advocate for Israel by keeping the community updated of current events as well as informing them on news and innovations coming out of Israel.

Israel Education and Advocacy Training


The newly launched SAZF educational and advocacy training programs aim to connect individuals and our community to Israel by providing a strong foundation in Israel education and activist opportunities.

These programs address the prevalent and growing need to educate and inspire people about Judaism and Israel; challenging the assumptions and teaching the facts.


Today, staggering numbers lack a solid understanding of Israel, its history, and its challenges. On many college campuses, anti-Israel rhetoric and Anti-Jewish sentiment are becoming accepted. Israel protests are becoming commonplace.

All of us are responsible fro the future of Israel and the Jewish people. If we don't take a stand and become personally involved today, we will deny future generations the opportunity to understand their role in Israels history and be part of Israels future. 


Grab this opportunity to deepen your knowledge about this cornerstone of Jewish history, spirituality and identity. This year in Jerusalem! Each module is stand-alone and may co…
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