The Israel Centre - the bridge that unites and strengthens the Jewish community in South Africa, to Israel,our Homeland.


Aliyah is the cornerstone of our work. The Aliyah department provides a smooth transition for anyone wishing and eligible to make a life for themselves in Israel. In the past few weeks there have been adjustments to the Aliyah department. A new Aliyah coordinator will be appointed in the upcoming week to join the Israel Centre team.


As in past years the very successful annual Aliyah & Higher Education Programme Expo will be taking place in May. The Expo provides the community with knowledge and resources, in order to make an informed and successful Aliyah. Delegates representing different organisations in Israel, will be attending. Delegates from higher education institutions, will provide information to Grade 11 and 12 High School learners, who wish to study in Israel after school. MASA Israel Jouney programmes, such as gap year study, study abroad and post-college and volunteer programmes will also be presented at the Expo.


In light of The Knesset’s 70th birthday, a delegate from The Knesset, recently held workshops with students, community members and leaders, in Johannesburg, as part of The Knesset Connecting to the Diaspora Programme. The highlight of the visit was a live stream to The Knesset, with communities from all over the world. Top speakers of the evening were Mr Yuli Edelstein, Chariman of The Knesset and Mr Isaac ‘Bougie’ Herzog, Chariman of the Jewish Agency for Israel.


Schlichim and delegates from Israel, will be visiting Johanneburg shortly, to give seminars to high school learners on Israel Engagement and Zionist Education.


Through our Partnership2Gether department, we join with Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda region in Israel on various joint projects strengthening and connecting Jewish Communities in Israel and the Diaspora.