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3 August 2014 – Johannesburg – Today saw the gathering of over 12,000 South Africans representing a broad spectrum of society standing united in solidarity with Israel, while condemning the use of terror by Hamas against the citizens of Israel.

Political and civil society leaders, Jewish organisations and Church groups, representing many millions of South Africans, attended the peaceful rally organised by the South African Zionist Federation at Huddle Park.

Special note was made of Hamas's incessant and indiscriminate firing of thousands of missiles at the civilian population of Israel, while using the Palestinian civilian population as a "launching pad" for these attacks.

“Israel has a moral and legal obligation to defend herself and her citizens against any attacks from Hamas,” said Luba Mayekiso, Chairman of the South African chapter of the ICEJ (The international Christian Embassy in Jerusalem). “The existence of Israel within safe and secure borders should not be viewed as a privilege, but as a right,” he said.

Olga Meshoe of the Pro- Israeli lobby group DEISI continued that the loss of human life seen in this conflict, both Israeli and Palestinian, was a tragedy. “South Africans attending the rally were united on many fronts, one of these being the sadness associated with the tragic and deplorable loss of civilian life witnessed in this, and other Middle Eastern conflicts,” she said.

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein called for calm, tolerance, and love amid a growing tide of anti-Semitism, incitement, and racism in South Africa. He called on South Africans to stand as an example to the world on tolerance, love, and peaceful resolution to long-standing conflict and tension.

Distributed by Ben Swartz, Vice Chairman, South African Zionist Federation.

Former Israeli Prime Minister , ARIEL SHARON: 1928 – 2014

The SA Zionist Federation in association with the Embassy of Israel and the Office of the Chief Rabbi will be holding a memorial service to honour the memory of Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of the State of Israel, brave and courageous soldier, brilliant leader and true son of Israel, who passed away on Saturday 11th January 2014 after a long struggle.

The service will take place at the Yeshiva College Shul, Long Avenue, Glenhazel, on Wednesday evening, 15th January commencing with Mincha at 18h00.

For further information please call 011 645 2510.

The details of the signing of the book of condolences will be open to the public at the Israel Embassy in Pretoria as follows:

Wednesday 15th January between 13.00-16.00

COSATU Secretary General Zwelizima Vavi JULY 2012

David versus Goliath

For the past two years Open Shuhada Street has waged a malicious propaganda campaign against Wellness Warehouse to try to force it to stop selling AHAVA products.Tactics used have included illegal demonstrations,disruption of stores,harassment of customers and staff,the spreading of lies and disinformation and all manner of threats against the company.Yet despite this vicious campaign of intimidation,Wellness Warehouse has refused to allow itself to be bullied and has stood firm in its commitment to their customers and their right to choose the products they wish to buy.We salute the courage and bravery of company staff and management for the principled stand they have taken. Read More...

NEWS RELEASE - 22 August 2012

Jewish Leadership Deplores Cabinet Decision re Labeling of Israeli Goods

The South African Jewish community is outraged over Cabinet’s decision approving the Minister of Trade and Industry’s notice requiring that goods emanating from what it refers to as “Israeli occupied territories” be relabeled. In acting in so cavalier a manner, government has not only bypassed the consultation process set in motion by the notice but shown itself to be completely dismissive of Jewish concerns.

As a community, South African Jewry has consistently demonstrated a willingness to engage with government regarding this complex and controversial issue. Just as consistently, however, its representatives have been denied any meaningful opportunity of explaining their position and airing the concerns they feel.

It is the firm belief of the Jewish communal leadership that the proposed measures are discriminatory, divisive, inconsistent with South African trade policy and seriously flawed from both an administrative and procedural point of view. At bottom, they are believed to be motivated not by technical trade concerns but by political bias against the State of Israel. All attempts to discuss these concerns, however, have come to nothing.

While the Jewish leadership has shown a willingness to discuss compromises and explore solutions that might allay the concerns of all parties, the government has refused to meaningfully engage on the issue. Regrettably, this in turn is indicative of government’s increasingly hostile attitude not against Israel but towards acknowledging and engaging with how the Jewish community feels about issues relating to it.

Issued by

Zev Krengel
President: SA Jewish Board of Deputies

Avrom Krengel
Chairman: SA Zionist Federation

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein

The SAZF is a constituent body of the World Zionist Organisation; and the representative in South Africa of the World Zionist Organisation.

The SAZF acts on behalf of the South African Jewish Community in all matters relating to Israel; and is the umbrella organisation responsible for all aspects of Zionist activity and for the range of the Jewish community's multi-faceted relationship with Israel.

The Zionist Federation works pro-actively to reduce the amount of anti-Israel bias in the South Africa political system. It works at all levels to put Israel's case of democracy and freedom across to key decision makers. This includes the governmental, party political, media, civil society, academic, diplomatic, business and religious communities. The Zionist Federation also helps to celebrate the many successes of the Jewish state, organizing important commemorative days, facilitating Zionist education and bringing the best in Israeli culture and technology to the South Africa for everyone to enjoy.

For more information please contact the South African Zionist Federation offices on:
011 645 2510/2

It is with deep regret that The South African Zionist Federation takes note of the General Notice on the labelling of products of origin within the West Bank issued by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies.

It is noted that in SA today we are confronted with alarming levels of poverty and unemployment, while the Minister of the DTI chooses to focus on and single out Israel for censure – a country that has become a leading example in the fields of agricultural, water, technological and entrepreneurial innovation and a country that has remained committed to partnering and sharing with South Africa that expertise in which it excels.

It is concerning that in coming to this point the minister has made it very evident in his notice that he has relied on the narrow views of lobby groups whose stated aims are to enforce a regime of boycotts and sanctions against Israel. At the same time the Minister has refused to meet and consult with interest groups opposed to his position on this matter.

The interests of all parties to the Israel Palestine conflict are best served by a process of dialogue and discussion aimed at resolving the differences and not a process that seeks to blame and isolate one party and seeks to drive the parties further apart.

For more of information please contact Avrom Krengel on 082 600 6465 or Ben Swartz on 082 451 5788

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